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  • VINNOVA funds for collaborating with the public sector

    [2 Mar 2015] The External Relations unit at the School of Business, Economics and Law has been awarded project funding by VINNOVA to develop a model for collaborating with the public sector.

  • New study estimates the net public cost of refugee immigration in Sweden

    [23 Feb 2015] Refugee immigration per capita in Sweden has been Europe's largest for thirty years, and almost ten times above the European average over the last ten years. In a new report released today, economist Joakim Ruist calculates how this has impacted on Swedish public finances. The estimated annual net cost corresponds to slightly more than 1 per cent of GDP.

  • Master's students in Innovation receive Sten A Olsson foundation Scholarship

    [18 Feb 2015] Master's students in Innovation receive Sten A Olsson foundation Scholarship

  • Marine research in focus at Jubilee Symposia

    [18 Feb 2015] World leading and prominent local scientists gather in Gothenburg to present the present state of the art in several marine research fields, in a meeting commemorating the 275 year anniversary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Thomas Sterner, Professor of Environmental Economics, chairs one of the plenary sessions, entitled History of man and the sea.

  • Behavioural Economist Christina Gravert: We can all use a little nudge

    [17 Feb 2015] Awareness of global challenges such as climate change doesn't always make us change our lifestyles and behaviour. Similarly, knowing smoking is bad for our health doesn't necessarily make us quit smoking. Christina Gravert is a behavioural economist who thinks we sometimes need a little help - a nudge - to make the right choice.

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