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Joint Workshop on Innovation and Globalization in Chinese Companies: Zhejiang University and University of Gothenburg

Nyhet: 2016-05-10


中文新闻如下 (news in Chinese below)

On 28 and 29 April, the research workshop “Creating Leading Edge Technical Competencies in Chinese Companies – Innovation and Globalization” was organized at Lindholmen Science Park, Gothenburg, Sweden, by Professor Maureen McKelvey, Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg (HGU), Sweden and Associate Professor Jun Jin, School of Management, Zhejiang University (SOM-ZJU), China.

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together a selected group of researchers, to discuss and debate current research related to China, and especially the role of Chinese companies in relation to innovation and globalization in the modern economy. Researchers from universities in Sweden, China, UK, and Italy, presented their research on the technology transfer and internationalization of Geely and Volvo Car after the merge, the roles of Technology-driven FDIs in the learning processes for innovation in two leading Chinese wind turbine companies, self-reliance and catching-up in Chinese Cops sectors, comparison of innovation outputs after international acquisition in Chinese and Indian firms, reverse innovation types in Chinese firms, role of trust in innovation, and the technological evolution in Haier, Huawei and Xiaomi.

Mr. Gang WEI, Deputy President of China Europe Vehicle Technology AB (CEVT in short, the research center of Geely in Gothenburg), and Mr. Fredrik Hedfors, Senior Vice President of CEVT participated the workshop too. Mr. Fredrik Hedfors talked about the development of Geely, the innovation system in Geely, and the goal, management, and innovation in CEVT with participants. The dialogue with CEVT furthered the understanding of CEVT.

- “The research workshop gave insights into the intricate issue of knowledge transfer between China and Europe and what was needed for Chinese companies to be able to assimilate foreign knowledge. I especially found the cultural aspects interesting and the rapid development of Chinese firms from imitators to innovators”, says Linus Brunnström, PhD student at the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

On 28th April, participants enjoyed a visit to the Volvo museum as well as a study visit in Lindholmen Science Park.

The research presented at the workshop as well as additional research will be published in an edited book by Professors McKelvey and Jin entitled ‘How innovation and Globalization are Creating Leading Edge Technical Capabilities in Chinese Companies’. This English and Chinese version book should inform and inspire both academic researchers and practitioners.

The workshop not only provides insights to the innovation and globalization of Chinese firms, but also enhances the cooperation between SOM-ZJU and HGU, and the cooperation among two business schools, Volvo Car, Geely Group, and CEVT.

The workshop was sponsored by the Partnership Programme of the School of Business, Economics and Law, IMIT: Institute for Management of Innovation and Technology and the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Cooperation between HGU and SOM-ZJU

The School of Management, Zhejiang University (SOM-ZJU) has established a strategic partnership with School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg (HGU). The cooperation focuses on the education program and research. The cooperation on education programs between two schools includes collaboration on Master Program on Logistic Management (4+1 program), co-supervision of thesis projects on the MSc programs Innovation and Industrial Management and Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship from School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg, study tours of EMBA programs in China and Sweden, and students exchange program. The cooperation on research between two schools focuses on the visiting scholars, co-written papers, co-organized workshop, project cooperation, co-edited book, and so on. SOM-ZJU and HGU are going to further cooperation on education programs and co-supervision of graduates. In addition, the merge of Geely Group (the headquarter in Hangzhou, China) and Volvo Cars (the headquarter in Gothenburg, Sweden) provides an opportunity for the further cooperation among two business schools, Geely Group, Volvo Cars, and China Europe Vehicle Technology AB.

Introduction of CEVT

CEVT (China Europe Vehicle Technology AB) is an engineering and development centre for future C-segment cars, addressing the needs of both Volvo Cars and Geely Auto. The company was founded in March 2013 and is located in Lindholmen, Gothenburg. CEVT is a wholly owned subsidiary of Geely Auto. Besides the CEVT in Lindholmen, CEVT has set up CEVT China in Hangzhou too. Now, there are around 1,700 employees from 22 countries in CEVT Sweden and CEVT China in 2016 from 10 employees in 2013. CEVT is recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in Gothenburg.

CEVT covers vital aspects of passenger car development – from architecture, to power train and drive line components, to top hat engineering, i.e. the upper body structure as well as the vehicles’ exterior design. The modular strategy will deliver on the premium aspects that Volvo Cars requires, as well as on Geely Auto’s demands, in order to compete in the automotive market.

The board of CEVT is formed by key members from Geely Auto and Volvo Car.

SOM-ZJU与HGU联合举办的 “Creating Leading Edge Technical Competencies in Chinese Companies – Innovation and Globalization”国际研讨会在瑞典哥德堡顺利召开

2016年4月28日和29日,浙江大学管理学院(SOM-ZJU)与瑞典哥德堡大学商业、经济和法学学院(HGU)在瑞典哥德堡的林赫曼科技园(Lindholmen Science Park)联合举办了“Creating Leading Edge Technical Competencies in Chinese Companies – Innovation and Globalization”国际研讨会。
该研讨会旨在讨论中国企业如何通过国际化战略和创新战略提升创新能力,缔造领先优势,在国际舞台发挥更大作用。浙江大学管理学院的金珺副教授和瑞典哥德堡大学商业、经济和法学学院的Maureen McKelvey教授为会议主席。
会议期间,中欧汽车技术中心(China Europe Vehicle Technology AB,CEVT)的常务副总裁魏刚先生和副总裁Fredrik Hedfors先生参加了此次会议。其中Fredrik Hedfors先生就吉利与沃尔沃汽车在兼并后的发展,吉利研发体系,中欧汽车技术中心的发展等进行了介绍,并与与会学者就中欧汽车技术中心的战略以及人员管理等、沃尔沃汽车和吉利的兼并与沃尔沃汽车和福特的兼并的差异、沃尔沃汽车和吉利的兼并与萨博汽车兼并活动的差异等问题进行了讨论。此次企业对话加深了学者对吉利与沃尔沃,以及中欧汽车技术中心的了解。
以此会议论文以及其他论文为基础,汇集中欧学者的学术成果,浙江大学管理学院的金珺副教授和瑞典哥德堡大学商业、经济和法学学院的Maureen McKelvey教授拟合作出版题为《How innovation and Globalization are Creating Leading Edge Technical Capabilities in Chinese Companies》的书籍,该书的中英文版本拟由爱德沃德埃尔加出版社(Edward Elgar Publishing)和浙江大学出版社联合出版。




中欧汽车技术中心(China Europe Vehicle Technology AB,简称CEVT,http://www.cevt.se/)于2013年3月在瑞典哥德堡林赫曼科技园成立,为吉利汽车的全资子公司。中欧汽车技术中心致力于整车研发的各个重要方面,从共享架构、底盘、动力总成、到传动系统,直至上车体以及车型外观设计,还包括整车采购、质量管理以及新产品的市场营销等。该中心还肩负着培养中国汽车人才以及融合中西文化的重要责任。3年时间,中欧汽车技术中心已从2013年的10人快速成长为集合了22个国家近1700名员工(包括CEVT杭州研发中心的员工)的国际大公司,已成为哥德堡有史以来发展最为迅速的企业之一。中欧汽车技术中心的董事会由吉利汽车和沃尔沃汽车的核心成员共同组成。


林赫曼科技园(Lindholmen Science Park,http://www.lindholmen.se/en)成立于2000年,由哥德堡大学、查尔姆斯理工大学、哥德堡市政府、以及一些大企业(如沃尔沃卡车、沃尔沃汽车、爱立信等)合作共建。该科技园位于哥德堡市中心约塔河畔,其重点领域在移动互联网、智能车辆,运输系统以及现代媒体智能设计,科技园里每天有21000多人在这里从事科研工作或学习。


AV: Jun Jin / Kajsa Folmeus Strandberg

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