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Lunchseminarium: How design captured the managerial imagination - Some thoughts and perspectives


Lunchseminarium på Gothenburg Research Institute. Ta med lunch och lyssna på en forskningspresentation. Det finns möjlighet att värma lunch i anslutning till seminariet.

In his famous diagnosis of the post-industrial society, Bell (1973) argued that knowledge would become a prime feature of the economy and the restructuring of occupations. Globalisation and the increasing proliferation of digital information technologies seem to have further consolidated Bell's thesis.

The trope of the knowledge economy, however, foregrounds processes of rationalization and suggests cognitive associations, which render it inadequate to fully apprehend contemporary phenomena and processes shaping economic reality. As Reckwitz (2017) argues, the current economy is also an aesthetic economy; that is, an economy shaped also by processes of aestheticization. The pursuit of ideals of intensity and heightened experiences - an obsession of our late modern times (Garcia, 2018) - has recast novelty in aesthetic terms and redefined expectations in the realms of work and consumption. Here, the innovation imperative ceases to be an exercise in technical rationality, as presumed by Bell, and becomes a matter of producing new signs, sense impressions and affects, extending beyond the production of goods and services into the cultural level of organisation and individual skills (Reckwitz, 2017). It is in this context that, over the last decade or so, design has emerged as a paradigmatic approach to innovation that promises to revitalise private and public organisations.

Föreläsare: Ulises Navarro Aguiar is a researcher at Gothenburg Research Institute. His work is located at the intersection of design studies and organisation studies.

Datum: 2018-11-15

Tid: 12:15 - 13:00

Kategorier: Ekonomi/juridik, Forskning, Konst- och bildvetenskap

Arrangör: Gothenburg Research Institute

Plats: Gothenburg Research Institute Rum 326, plan 3, Viktoriagatan 13, Göteborg

Sista anmälningsdag: 2018-11-15 kl. 12:00.

Avgift: Gratis

Kontaktperson: Henric Karlsson

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