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Digital Transformation - is there a Future for Human Skills?


The digital transformation is happening here and now. New technology such as AI, Big Data and machine learning is rapidly changing the conditions of knowledge intensive service sectors, including the fields of Business, Economics and Law. Through the digitalisation service production is spread across the globe. Is outsourcing of attractive complex services a risk? What can technology do better than people today and what can it replace tomorrow? Do we need to make some policy adjustments to encourage – or prevent unwanted – development? What are the trends in the knowledge-intensive service sector?

This seminar will focus on ways that technology changes the prerequisites of society in terms of impact on the economy, need for policy changes, and the future of the labor market.

Time: November 15 at 14:00 - 15:00
Room: E 45, Handelshögskolan
Fika included!

Video from the seminar:


Daniel Akenine

is working for the Microsoft Technology Office on the long term impact of technology on social and economic development. He is a member of ISO’s international expert group for cloud standards, vice chairman of the Swedish Computer Society, teacher at the Royal Institute of Technology and chairman for Iasa Sweden. He is also the co-founder of two technology companies and holds patent applications in Europe and the United States in applied cryptography. Daniel has a previous history as a brain researcher at the Karolinska Institute, developer and architect at the Nasdaq OMX stock exchange and lead architect for one of the largest Credit Management systems in Europe. Daniel is also an established Swedish fiction writer.

Teresa Jonek

is a public policy expert at Almega focusing on research and innovation topics, working to influence policy for increased growth in business, in particular in regards to the knowledge-intensive service sector. She holds a Master of Science and Engineering and has a keen interest in how globalisation accelerates with digitalisation, which drives corporate specialisation. It is about Sweden´s place in the global value chains and the ability to maintain competitiveness. Teresa has previously worked at the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and in the Teknikdelegationen within the Government offices

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